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Your source for the highest quality, artist grade materials for creating small format art. From inchies to twinchies and ATC's, our precision cut ART SQUARES© provide the perfect foundation for creating all forms of wet and dry color application.  

We are pleased to introduce
2 new sizes
ATC size 2-1/2" X 3-1/2" and 3" squares

 And our new packaging,
 identifying all the sizes as ART SQUARES©
clearly identifies the size of the product on the front of each box.



These new, larger sizes are available in all our colors:
black, dark gray, light gray, wheat, dark cream, ivory and white.

ATC size - 12 to a package
3" size - 8 to a package
Always available in single packages of all one color and size or 
a color assortment package for each size.  

(bird stamp from Rubber Moon)

Our line of ART SQUARES© now includes 5 different sizes (from left to right)

ATC 2.5" X 3.5"
3" squares
2" Twinchie Squares©
1.5" Inchie + Squares© 
1" Inchie Squares©

All of our products are made from the highest quality, artist grade, precision cut matboard.
 They are fade resistant, acid free, lignin free and solid core color.

The material is unique because it behaves like a hot press watercolor paper
 enabling the artist to use a variety of wet mediums including
 all manner of paints, sprays, inks and stains without the surface deterioration
 that would normally occur with paper weight materials.

The artist grade surface is ideal for fine pen work, stamping,
 all variety of markers, color pencil, chalks and pastels.

And the matboard weight of the material stands up to mixed media,
layering, collage, embellishment and encaustic. 

Looking for ideas and tips for creating with ART SQUARES©?
Be sure and visit our blog -
All in an Inch

Remember, if your favorite craft or stamping store doesn't carry Inchie Arts products,
just send us their name and contact information and we will be happy to contact them!

 Our Mission
It is our mission to provide you with the highest quality,
 artist grade materials for creating small format art. 
From inchies to twinchies and ATC's, we will also strive to share
innovative and creative ideas for your small format art.

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